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3 banners for 7,1 euros

We will help to increase sales with the help of bright banners.
For example, by ordering for 7,1 euros — you will receive:
3 static banners (up to 500 px), or
2 static banners (up to 1000 px), or
1 static banner (more than 1000 px)






Do you know that

At 75% of sites of the companies and Internet shops there is no advertising slider. 82% do not hold shares, they are limited to seasonal sales.
Does your store have a slider and do you conduct promotions?



— Popular online stores increase sales through weekly promotions. The best actions are shares with a limited period of validity of 3 days. Running more shares - you increase sales.


— Start with the advertising of product groups, gradually moving to popular products. Do not forget to create thematic events for holidays: New Year and others. They work as efficiently as possible.







Price list

Services Days Price euro
Static banner up to 500 px 2-3 2,4
Static bannerup to 1000 px 2-3 3,5
Static bannermore than 1000 px 2-3 7,1
New banner option 1-2 +2,8
Additional banner size resize 2h +2,8
The source of one banner - +1,4
1 additional adjustment 1-2 +2,8
Gif banner  is a simple animation. without storyboarding
storyboard +4,3 euro
2-4 +2,8
Additional size of the Gif banner 1-2 +4,3
Html5 banner with animation. without storyboarding
storyboard +7,14 euro
2-4 +18,6


— The price of 1 banner includes: the creation of 1 version with 2 photos and 2 edits.
Extras. photo in the banner, a new version, add. edits are paid additionally.
— Terms of production in the standard mode can vary in smaller or larger side depending on seasonality and occupancy of designers. Please make out your orders 3-5 days before posting.






The minimum order is 7,1 euros







Return 5% of

each purchase


Bonuses can pay up to 100% of the order.
How does the bonus program work?

How to earn?

Make an order and 5% of each purchase will return automatically. Rubles are charged in the account to the bonus account.

How to spend?

Inform about the credit of bonus rubles when registering a new order. Pay with the ruble part of the order or the whole.






If you need urgently

You can order "Urgent manufacture". Banners will be ready within 24 hours. Extra charge +4,3 euros.
Need to make even faster?
"Express manufacture" for 4 hours:
Extra charge +8,6 euros.







What is the
process of work?

Communication on the order is conducted through the "Personal Cabinet" of the client. Your comments, sources, ready-made banners and all correspondence will be preserved. You will receive a login and password for "LK" after launching banners in production. Come up with a username and password and indicate them when you make an application.

Through the personal account of the client you will be able to:

— control the production time;
— Make corrections to banners;
— write messages to designers;
— order new banners;
— see the history of orders;
— download documents;
— download ready

It's simple, convenient and completely free.








The personal manager

In addition to personal cabinet, each client is provided with a personal manager. He will help organize work and communication with the designer, prepare closing documents, answer questions. Monitor the creation of your banners online.






Offer for online stores

Do you hold permanent promotions and banners are needed on an ongoing basis? Order a banners package of one of the tariff plans at a special price with additional discount up to 5%

The name of the tariff plan. Static banners Discount Price euros
Tariff 6 banners up to 500 px 1% 14,31 13,8
Tariff 6 banners up to 1000 px 2% 21,42 21
Tariff 6 banners more than 1000 px 3% 42,77 41,5
Tariff 9 banners up to 500 px 3% 21,47 20,8
Tariff 9 banners up to 1000 px 3% 32,14 31,2
Tariff 9 banners more than 1000 px 4% 64,15 61,5
Tariff 12 banners up to 500 px 5% 28,62 27,2
Tariff 12 banners up to 1000 px 5% 42,85 40,7
Tariff 12 banners more than 1000 px 5% 85,54 81,2


Specify the name of the tariff plan when you make an application. The tariff is valid for 1 month. TK must be provided at least 1 week before the end of the period of validity of the paid package.
Discounts for more than 12 banners do not apply.







Super promotions!

Delegate! Think of the idea of the action - we will make a design. Full compliance with the style of the site and your wishes. Creating a constant stream of shares on the site, in the online store — you increase sales.







Examples of banners
































How long ago did you update your advertising materials?



How to increase
banner CTR?

In addition to the quality of design and placement, the effectiveness of the banner affects the factor of "muddiness". After several months of placement, CTR will start to decline. Do not forget to update your advertising banners in time.

We recommend updating at least once a quarter - this will help to keep a high CTR and avoid increasing the budget of an advertising campaign. Delegate the production of advertising materials "Cubic.ru" and rest.






We served more than
300 online stores





Quick start

There are more than 30 000 online stores in Russia. Become faster than competitors. Create an assignment for new banners through the "Personal Cabinet". For a couple of minutes we will check the Terms of Reference and launch the banner into production. More shares — higher sales!






What do I need to start work?

To begin, fill out the application form.



How to pay?

You can pay banners by bank card, Yandex.Money, on Qiwi wallet or by bank transfer from a legal entity. Before you start working, you must pay for it completely. With non-cash payment, attach details.

Payment via online form + 3%
To pay banners without commission —
mark the desired item in the application.





E-mail: info@cubic.ru
Telephone: +7 967 222-66-28
Skype: info@cubic.ru

Working hours: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 21:00. Address: Moscow, 1-st Vyazovsky Prospekt 4, building 1, Office Center "Vyazovsky"